Our Water

Our Water

has always been essential to human in every ways and its necessities. The safe drinking water is a vital concern in the region and the demand of the product remains emphasized dramatically up to date.


  • Essential Water available at 1.5 Liter Bottle , 500 ml and 330 ml.
  • Essential drinking water is purified through micro-filtration¬†and reverse osmosis.
  • Enhanced with pure mineralization and ozonation.
  • Hydrates better and best available pH at 7.00
  • Convenient and Phthalate free recyclable bottles ( not reusable )
  • Great new look and taste.
Mineral Content Mg/Ltr(Approx)
Calcium 14.00 <nitrates 1.00
Magnesium 9.00 Sulphates 26.00
Sodium 2.50 Flouride 0.50
Potassium 1.00 Iron 0.01
Bicarbonates 10.00 pH 7.00
Chlorides 26.00 TDS 105

Sidra Bottles

the primary morale of Sidra water is to continuously increase our market share of the product line of 200 Ml 330 ml, 500 ML, 1.5 Liter and 5 gallons.

Click the Bottle Size:

  • 300 ml 300 ml
  • 500 ml 500 ml
  • 1.5 liters 1.5 liters
  • 5 gallons liters 5 Gallon

330 ml

Enjoy this handy one sip, once it is cold & perfect for refreshment with a flawless shape to carry anywhere. 30 pcs. / 1 box


In an engineered design bottle that is made to be handy, to satisfy your thirst where ever you go. 24 pcs. / 1 box

1.5 Liter

Save more with our 1.5 liter. Share this to your friends and family which is surely sufficient enough for gathering and picnic. 6 pcs. / 1 Shrink

5 Gallons

As Sidra cares for you and for everyone around you, Sidra now comes in 5 gallon bottles, for the
benefit and refreshment of everyone, may it be in your home or office.
1 pc. / 5-gallon Bottles