About Us


Water has always been essential to human in every ways and its necessities. The safe drinking water is a vital concern in the region and the demand of the product remains emphasized dramatically up to date.

The mission of our team of professionals and consultants is to build an efficient factory and production facility. Thus, we have conducted an extensive market research, product conceptualization and development to come up with the best component of our product that will be safe for long-term consumption for all ages.

United Mineral Water is a 100% Qatar-based managed company currently located at industrial area Doha, Qatar. It is a manufacturer and distributor of the brand SIDRA water for the local market and across the region. SIDRA positions the brand name by its taste and its benefits to one’s health and well-being.

Nowadays, the primary morale of Sidra water is to continuously increase our market share for the product line of 330ml, 500ml & 1.5 liter. We are planning to launch soon the 5 gallons and 200ml. We stand by a dynamic team of highly motivated sales force to cater to each consumer with quality products and on-time delivery to address our costumer’s need. We are striving to meet the ever changing market and costumer demands of each target market where it is escalating at a tremendous rate thereby encouraging a healthy lifestyle by drinking Sidra which is essential to our life.


Our on time delivery drives us who we are right now. Our clientele dramatically increases day by day. With our customer service that caters all your concerns and orders made things easier for us in delivering SIDRA right at your door steps.