About Sidra Water

The primary morale of SIDRA water is to continuously increase our market share for the product line of 330ml, 500ml & 1.5 liters. We are planning to launch soon the 5 gallons and 200ml. We stand by a dynamic team of highly motivated sales force to cater to each consumer with quality products and on-time delivery to address our customer’s need.


Our Water

Water has always been essential to human in every ways and its necessities. The safe drinking water is a vital concern in the region and the demand of the product remains emphasized dramatically up to date.



Water is the single most important resource for the human body. Water is the most essential nutrient involved in every function of the body. Water accounts for approximately 70% of an individual’s complete fat free body mass. In order to function properly, water must be consumed in set quantities in consistent intervals (average of 2.5 litres per day).